Use cases

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NF Load

Guarantee an improved performance of the network and savings on compute resources and load balancers

  • Monitor and Predict

    • NF Cloud resources

    • UP Traffic

  • Automation Engine

    • Deploy Slice

    • Scale in/out NF

    • Load-Balancing

Service Experience

  • Profile clients

  • Tailor new offerings 

  • Predict churn

  • Differentiated QOS offering

Automated Slicing

Select throughput, latency and uptime thresholds + geofencing for a group of UEs

End customers

  • Gamer plan

  • VR plan

  • Streaming plan


  • Robotics

  • IoT

  • MVNO

  • Security


Sell better experiences to users of:

  • VR apps

  • Gaming apps

  • Trading apps

  • Betting apps

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